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ssl vs tls

SSL vs. TLS, What is the best?

SSL vs. TLS, What is the best? Security is the most essential thing in the world. Significantly while using the Internet. As there are many users of the Internet, you would be concerned about such security factors. Previously if you have ever read about the SSL anywhere, plainly you could perceive the word TLS. The …

what is web hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Why you need a web hosting service When we are using a computer, we store our data on the hard drive of our computer. Same as that when we create a website we need someplace to store our website files. To do that we need to buy a hosting service. Hosting providers maintain advanced computers …

what is a domain name?

What is a Domain name?

What is a Domain name? A domain name is simply the website address. Every website has a unique web address. for example “www.yourwebsite.com”. Here ‘yourwebsite’ is the website domain name. This name is unique. You cannot find two websites with the same website address. Furthermore, we are using domain names instead of IP addresses. An …