Dropshipping tools

6 Best Dropshipping tools you should know

6 Best Dropshipping tools you should know before start dropshipping. Maybe you are thinking about why we need tools or plugins for dropshipping. Because we can save our time and do the work efficiently. Even without using these tools you can do dropshipping. But if you are listing more products, these tools coming handy. There are plugins, Web browser extensions, and web sites.

Dropshipping Plugins

Usually, we use plugins to import products to our own dropshipping store.

  1. Alidropship Plugin

Alidropship plugin is a paid plugin we can use in our dropshipping store. There are thousands of selected products in various categories that can be imported to our store. It’s very simple. Select the product and import it. All these products are coming from Aliexpress. Auto order fulfilling also support. You can import real Aliexpress user reviews to your store.

2. Dropship me Plugin

Dropshipme plugin also works as same as the Alidropship plugin. But you can use the free version to import 50 products for free. If you want more products, you can buy their paid version. Same as the Alidropship plugin, you can import Aliexpress real user reviews also. But auto-order fulfilling is not available in this plugin.

Tip: On special occasions such as Black Friday, You can buy these two plugins and related plugins for discounts. They are giving up to a 35% discount.

Browser Extensions

There is some web browser extension that can be used in dropshipping.

  1. Alisave Extension

Alisave extension can be used to download the product images from Aliexpress. After you install this extension, go to Aliexpress and now you can see a small red color box with arrows near the product images. Just click that arrow and your product images will download to your computer as a zip file. Then you can edit and use those pictures on your store or eBay.

2. Shopmaster Extension

Shopmaster Extension also a very useful extension if you are using Shopmaster to import products to your store or eBay. After installing this plugin, you can see a button on the products on Aliexpress. Just click the button to import that product to the Shopmaster account. Then edit and export it to your store or eBay store.


  1. Shopmaster

Shopmaster is a website you can use to import and edit dropshipping products then export it to your store. It is free to use with some limitations. But the free version is more than enough for a beginner. Use the shopmaster browser extension to save more time.

2. DSM Tool

DSM Tool is also a website the same as Shopmaster. But there is a product limit of 25 in the free version. This website can be set to lists the products on eBay. Just paste the product URL from Aliexpress to the DSM tool and import it. Edit and export to eBay.

There are hundreds of tools available out there. We can use those tools too. But most of these tools are not for free.