ebay selling guide

6 Things to check before start selling on eBay

Before start selling on eBay, check these 6 factors that are completed or not. eBay customers are expecting high-quality products at a reasonable price. They expect fast delivery too. So if your products are not meeting these requirements, you will get negative feedback and maybe later no or low sales on eBay.

1. Product quality

Product quality is a must on eBay selling. Whether you dropshipping or direct selling your own products. You need to make sure the products are of high quality and meet with the product description. IF the product does not match with the description, the buyer will ask you to refund the money and you will end with having negative feedback on your account.

2. Shipping duration

Shipping duration is an important fact. All buyers are like to get their products to get delivered quickly. So try to find sellers with shorter handling time.

3. Shipping method

The shipping method also an important thing in dropshipping. Some sellers are using economic mail services that are very slow. Try to use the epacket delivery method for dropshipping. Especially for USA buyers.

4. Product Price

In my previous article, I explained how to calculate the product price using the final fee calculator. Don’t try to get a higher profit by listing the product to a higher price. Also, don’t lower the price too much. Check the other seller’s price before you mark your product price. If your price is too high, no one will buy from you. If it’s too low, you will lose money. The price should be reasonable.

5. Invoices or promotional items

If you are dropshipping on eBay, always ask your Aliexpress or any other seller to, don’t put any invoices or any promotional products or leaflets inside the package. This is because we don’t want our eBay buyers to know we are dropshipping. eBay does not allow this method of dropshipping.

6. Always talk politely to the buyer

If you are good with the buyer, even there is an issue, you can do negotiate with the buyer to resolve the issue. But if you treat bad to the buyer, he will direct complain to the eBay support team and it could lead to losing your eBay account too.