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Alisave Chrome/Firefox extension – Aliexpress Image Downloader

How to download Aliexpress Images

If you are a dropshipper, Alisave extension is the ideal solution to download the Aliexpress product images. Alisave is a web browser extension that you can install easily. Alisave is available on chrome and firefox. You can just open the Aliexpress product page. On the image thumbnails, ( see the below picture) you can see a small red color down arrow. Just click that. Done. all the product images will be downloaded to your computer as image files.

After that, you can use a photo editor to remove any logos or store names. By using the Alisave extension, you can save your time. Also, the image quality is very high. no worries like screen capturing images.

The most valuable thing is, this alisave chrome extension is completely free.

Click here to add the Alisave extension to your Chrome browser

Click here to add the Alisave extension to your Firefox browser

Alisave extension Image Metadata

Image metadata is a piece of data inside the image file. Image creators include these data to keep their image to them so others cannot misuse it. Metadata is hidden and we cannot see it on an image. you can use a photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to see and edit image metadata.

Why we should care about image metadata ?

When you download images from aliexpress via alisave extension, images are downloaded with the metadata. if you use these images directly on eBay product listing, the eBay system will detect the image metadata and it will be recognized as a copyrighted image that does not belong to you. eBay might think you are using other people’s images to list fake products. This could lead your account to a restriction or suspension.

How to remove image metadata

As i said earlier, you can use a photo editor like Adobe Photoshop.

Step 1: Open the image you want to remove metadata.

Step 2: Create a new canvas

step 3: Drag and drop the image to the new canvas

step 4: save the new image file.

Now there will be no metadata in the new image since it’s on a new canvas. You can use this image for eBay listings without any problem.

Comment below if you want to know how to edit and insert our metadata to an image.

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