Hot Products for Dropshipping

How to find Hot Products for Dropshipping

Now everyone has a big problem on their mind. I like to start dropshipping, but how do I find hot products for dropshipping? After reading this article, you will get the answer. There are some tools and tricks to find hot selling products. I will give a few websites you can use to do this.

  1. eBay Explore

Most of the people didn’t there is a free tool exists on eBay to find hot selling products. Here you can filter products by country. There is Trending now tab also available. Then Best sellers too. Great huh. You should try this tool. Because it’s from eBay.

2. Aliexpress Dropshipping Center

Aliexpress dropshipping center is also a good place to find hot selling products. Can search category wise or by-product link. You can do a product analysis too by pasting the product link on analysis page. Or filter high rated stores to buy products.

3. Shop Master

I think you already know about the shopmaster. Shopmaster also the best place to find drop shipping hot products. After creating a Shopmaster account, go to the import tab. on the same page you can see the hot products from various countries and sellers. Just click the product and import it.

How to filter the products

There is thousands of product there, you don’t need to import and list all these products on eBay or on your store.

When you find a hot product check these things before import.

  1. How many products they sold already
  2. Seller rating (minimum 4.0)
  3. Buyer feedback ( Don’t forget this. Very important)
  4. Product quality and availability
  5. Shipping duration
  6. Shipping method

These 6 factors are very important. Do not ignore or you will lose your money, time and reputation maybe. Okay, guys. Good luck with dropshipping.