9 steps to Get Your Profile Approved on Upwork

9 Steps to get approved on Upwork 2020

Upwork, formerly named Elance-oDesk is one of the famous freelancer platforms in the world. Every freelancer is trying to establish the carrier in Upwork. But the Upwork doesn’t want to approve every request they get to join Upwork. I will give you some tips to get your Upwork profile approval within a few minutes. Follow the instructions carefully and don’t miss anything. Even if your profile being rejected many times, with these tips you will get your profile approved in no time.

Follow these steps to get approved on Upwork

Step 1: Click your profile picture and click settings. Go to contact details and update your location information. Do not put false details in here.

Step 2: Click profile settings from the left panel. Select Visibility as Public.

Step 3: Select search engine privacy as ” Show my full name”.

Step 4: Select project preference as ” Both short-term & Long-term projects”.

Step 5: Go to the experience level and Select Entry Level.

Step 6: Select Mobile Development & Other Software Development as categories. ( You can change this later after your profile gets approved.)

Step 7: Click Find Works on the top menu and click profile.

Step 8: Change Hourly rate to $20.

Step 9: In the skills tab, select iPhone-app development and Mobile UI design only. (You can change this later).

Step 10: Don’t update any other details such as education or portfolio etc. Now resubmit your profile and after few minutes you will receive a notification that your Upwork profile is being approved.

After your Upwork profile gets approved, you can change any details and update your profile without any issue. This is a 100% guaranteed method. This article is for education purposes only. I will not get any responsibility if you didn’t follow the instruction and get any errors. Get Your Profile Approved on Upwork 2020. Guaranteed method.

How to get approved on Upwork in 2020. Upwork Login Here