eBay accounts get suspended

Reasons to eBay accounts get suspended

There are several reasons to get suspended your eBay account. Today I’m going to explain those reasons and how to survive. Before that, I advise you to read the eBay policies too. You can find valuable information about eBay. Most of the time they suspend or restrict your account because you didn’t follow their policy guidelines. Oops, How do I know about their policies..That’s why you need to read them before you start selling on eBay.

Okay now, let’s see what are the reasons eBay account gets suspended.

1. Multiple accounts:

You cannot create more than one account on eBay with the same personal details. If they found you have more than one account, there is a risk, they will suspend your all accounts and kick you off from eBay. Use only one eBay account per device. If your family members want to use their eBay account on your device, it’s a risk.

2. Don’t try to sell anything from a new account:

If your eBay account is new and still you didn’t purchase anything from eBay or you don’t have any buying feedbacks, don’t try to sell. After you create your eBay account try to get some feedback from other sellers. Buy some small items and ask them to leave feedback for you. Also, make sure, your eBay account is older than 3 months. After you will receive at least 10 buying feedback, you are good to go for selling.

3. Selling Branded products:

Branded products or duplicate products are not allowed to sell on eBay. If you want to sell branded products such as Nike, Apple, Gucci etc, you need to be an authorized seller for that brand. Even you cannot use copyrighted trademarks or brand names on your listings. Once they reported to eBay, you will lose your account forever. For this mistake, eBay is not giving any second chance. So don’t ever try to sell branded products on eBay.

4. Selling Digital Items:

You can sell digital products such as software keys, Movies, and Games, etc. But before that, you need special permission from eBay. You need to follow their policies and if they think you are eligible to sell digital items, you can sell. If not there is a risk to get suspended on eBay.

5. Adult Product policy:

Don’t worry, you can sell adult products on eBay. but before getting started read their adult product policy. If you are selling adult products, make sure you list those in the correct category. You cannot sell and shipped adult products to worldwide on eBay. Only to USA customers. So you need to create a seperate shipping policy for adult products.

6. Not paying eBay fee:

For using eBay, you need to pay a fee for every item you sell. Every month end you will receive an invoice for the previous month. You can pay the fee at that time or you can allow eBay to automatically deduct that amount on 15th of each month. But make sure you have enough funds on your linked PayPal or debit/Credit card. If eBay was unable to deduct their fee, they will suspend your account temporary.

These are the main reasons to eBay accounts get suspended. I will write a seperate article about other reasons also.